10 Reasons Not To Buy Bottled Water​


Every 27 hours Americans consume enough plastic bottles to circle the planet with empty plastic containers.


Production and transportation for U.S. market alone, consumes 30 million barrels of oil a year. In an era of climate change, it is an irresponsible system.


Many of the leading bottled waters are owned by giant corporations with questionable business practices, including the privatization of water sources. It is important to know what your money is supporting.


Chemicals in the plastics can leach into the water, especially at higher temperatures and over time. If a bottle sits in a car, outside in the sun, or in a hot place for too long, there is risk that harmful toxins will contaminate the water.


There is an island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas! Hundreds of millions of metric tons of plastic debris currently floats in the ocean.


Over half of the 173 bottled water brands surveyed flunked an EWG transparency test and did not disclose their water source. 32 percent disclosed nothing about the treatment or purity of the water. ALL bottled water was found to have at least some, if not significant levels of contamination.


BPA- Bisphenol A- is an organic compound found in hard plastic bottles and is considered to be toxic, with links to neurological, reproductive and immune system disorders.


Only 23.5% of plastic bottles get recycled. More than $1 billion worth of plastic is thrown away every year.


Bottled water is expensive. The average markup on bottled water is about 2000%. Americans spend more money every year on bottled water than on ipods or movie tickets.


Help stop the cycle of plastic waste!