Our goal at The Molecule Project is to support good health for people and planet by promoting minimal carbon footprint, clean drinking water alternatives.

The Molecule Project offers a new model for drinking water for all, rooted in the use of the industry’s highest-grade residential and commercial water treatment, filtration and purification systems.

Municipal tap water, as highly touted as it may be, is an increasingly unreliable source of clean drinking water. From ageing and decaying delivery infrastructure and treatment techniques like the addition of chlorine and fluoride that have come under scrutiny of late, to an ever-growing list of unregulated and potentially hazardous contaminants, municipal tap water is no longer an acceptable option for many people.

Bottled drinking water is likewise an undesirable choice, for its own reasons. The bottling of drinking water is a costly, environmentally damaging, carbon-intensive, and wasteful process. And for all the ecological damage caused by the bottled water production and distribution chain, there is also now evidence that some of the plastics used to make water bottles are themselves harmful to their contents after prolonged exposure.

The Molecule Project wants to encourage positive habits and raise awareness about the important issues surrounding one of our most critical resources – clean drinking water. We want to help people break the cycle of pollution and waste. And we believe that everyone deserves, and should be able to enjoy clean, exceptionally pure, drinking water.

We offer scalable water filtration, treatment and purification systems and solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

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